Revenue Sharing

UW-Madison Departments and government agencies will be credited for the sale of items sold through SWAP according to the standard SWAP reimbursement sharing rate.  See the SWAP Revenue Sharing Rate document for details.

Surplus Equipment Evaluation Form

SWAP has created a form to assist us in accurately appraising and reselling your department's surplus property.  It will also help to increase your department's chance of receiving maximum sales credit.  

We are requesting that items of value ($75 or more) be accompanied by a Surplus Equipment Evaluation form.  Please fill out the form, print a copy and tape it to each item of a value greater than $75.

Tips for Increasing Your Chance of Receiving Credit

  • Fill out a Surplus Equipment Evaluation form and tape them to each item of value greater than $75.
  • Clean the equipment before sending it to SWAP.
  • Unbolt TVs and media players from A/V carts.
  • Provide keys and combinations to all safes, locks and door.
  • Identify items that should be kept and sold together as a set.
  • Include necessary power supplies, specialized cords and manuals.
  • Keep equipment as intact as possible.