Surplus Requests

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Please fill out the Surplus Request Form, print a copy for your records, and press Submit.  We strive to pick up all requested surplus within 10 days, but sometimes our efforts are strained by building clean-outs, short staffing and the large quantities of requests.  If you have specific time constraints, please note them in the comment section and we will try to accommodate.  If we cannot accommodate your request you will be asked to contact Campus Services (UW-Madison ONLY), hire professional movers or use your department's own resources to get the surplus to SWAP.


Simply fill out the Surplus Request Form and write "Will drop off on _____" (if date is known) in the comment section, print a copy for your records and another copy to accompany the load, then press Submit.  Please have a copy of the Surplus Request Form sent with the load as it helps link the load to the submitted request once it gets to SWAP.  Drop-offs that do not have a corresponding Surplus Request Form submitted before arrival may be subject to refusal by SWAP staff.

Our drop-off location is 1061 Thousand Oaks Trail, Verona WI 53593.

Online Auction - Items on Location

Some surplus items are too large and/or too numerous for us to retrieve.  These items will traditionally be added to our online auction website and kept on location instead of being brought out to the SWAP location.  In these instances, we will send a staff member to your location to take pictures of the item(s) and the winning online auction bidder will retrieve them from your site at their (and your) convenience.  If you believe your item(s) qualify for online auction - items on location, please complete the following steps.

1. Fill out the Surplus Request Form online.  (At the top of the form, make sure "Online Auction - Items on Location" is selected).  Print a copy for your records and press Submit.

2. Someone from SWAP will be in contact with you as soon as we receive your Surplus Request Form.

Please Note:

  • SWAP cannot receive surplus property without the Surplus Request Form completely filled out and submitted online.

  • Be as specific as possible when itemizing your surplus material.  Items not specifically listed may not be picked up with the load.

  • SWAP may determine that the department's items are unsaleable or hazardous.  If this occurs, you will be given directions and contact information for disposing of the items through FP&M's waste and recycling department.

  • While SWAP wipes all data from data containing devices before they are redistributed this should be viewed as redundancy only.  SWAP is not responsible for records disposal/destruction.  Departments should follow their own guidelines for removing data from computers, copiers, PDAs and printers prior to disposal.