Property Available for Donation

The property listed below is available for donation to Wisconsin state agencies, municipalities, public schools, and non-profit organizations.  Verification of tax-exempt status may be required.  For questions about eligibility, or to request property listed below, contact the SWAP Program Manager at or (608) 497-4436.

books on shelves

Books withdrawn from UW-Madison libraries are often made available for donation in small lots.  Categories of books include text books, periodicals, reference books, fiction and non-fiction.

Only non-profit organizations are eligible for a donation.  Verification of tax-exempt status may be required.

Contact Matthew Thies at to inquire about books currently available for donation.

The UW-Madison Art department has a motorized etching press available for donation to eligible tax-exempt organizations.

SWAP cannot confirm the press works or that all components necessary for full functionality are included.

The organization that claims this press will be responsible for all disassembly (if applicable), removal and loading.

  • Designed by Dean Meaker and John McFee
  • Dimensions: 2.5 meters long x 1 meter x 1.2 meters
  • Weight: 500 kg

For more information, or to request this item, please contact Matthew Thies at