Policy & Procedures

SWAP is a designated agent for reselling and disposing of surplus property generated by UW-Madison and Madison Area State agencies.  Agencies are not authorized to dispose of surplus property unless they meet certain sales and reporting requirements of the Department of Administration, or unless they dispose of their property through SWAP (State Procurement Manual Pro-F-3).

Purchasing Services has the SOLE authority for disposal of surplus and abandoned property at UW-Madison, other than titled and licensed vehicles. University departments are NOT authorized to trade-in, sell, donate, or dispose of state property to persons or organizations outside UW–Madison without Purchasing Services approval.

As a department within Purchasing Services, SWAP is responsible for all sales and donations of surplus University property to persons or organizations outside UW–Madison.

Wisconsin State Procurement Manual PRO-F-3 (PDF)

University of Wisconsin-Madison Surplus Disposal Policy

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E-mail: swap@bussvc.wisc.edu

Phone: (608) 497-4440 (Please leave a message and your call will be returned)

SWAP Supervisors

Matthew Thies – Operations Supervisor

Rob Johnson – Warehouse Manager

Surplus request form submission

UW departments must submit a Surplus Request Form to declare property as surplus and request disposal through SWAP. All property disposed of through SWAP must conform to SWAP’s Material Acceptance Guidelines. With the exception of computer components, all property must be re-purposable as whole or parts-or-repair devices. All furniture must be in salable condition.

While SWAP’s pick-up services may be utilized, departments are ultimately responsible for the transportation of the property to the SWAP warehouse unless the property will be sold on-site.

Capital assets

UW departments must submit a Disposition Request Form to Property Control and receive disposition approval prior to including capital assets on a Surplus Request Form.

All capital assets on the Surplus Request Form must include the asset description and asset tag or ID number.

SWAP pick-up services

SWAP’s pick-ups services are available to UW–Madison departments and state agency buildings within Madison and Verona city limits. This service is restricted to small-medium sized loads only.

Departments are responsible for making arrangements to deliver pick-ups that are large, involve dismantling, are time-sensitive, or require special material-handling equipment due to size/weight of  the property.  If you are unsure about whether your load is appropriate for SWAP’s pick-up services, submit a Surplus Request for pick-up and you will be contacted by SWAP staff if we have any concerns.

Surplus drop-offs

A Surplus Request Form must be submitted and an approval email received from SWAP prior to dropping off surplus property. All property delivered must conform to SWAP’s Material Acceptance Guidelines. SWAP staff is available to receive drop-offs Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. at 1061 Thousand Oaks Trail, Verona, WI 53593.

Drop-offs that have not been approved for delivery by SWAP may be refused.

On-site surplus sales

SWAP can list an item on the SWAP Online Auction from your location.  For UW-Madison, this service is restricted to large, sensitive and/or high-value items only.  To request this service, complete the following steps:

  1. Fill out the top-portion of the Surplus Request Form online. At the top of the form, make sure “Online Auction – Items on Location” is selected.
  2. Upload pictures of the item(s) on the form.
  3. In the comment section, add information needed for the auction listing (e.g. starting price, desired auction length, dimensions, cosmetic condition, functionality, viewing/pick-up instructions, etc.).
  4. Press submit.

Once the form is received, SWAP will respond with a link to the newly-listed auction.  If you do not receive a response, contact SWAP at (608) 497-4420.

Computer waste recycling

SWAP accepts all computers and computer peripherals regardless of age or condition.

Contact Matthew Thies for more information about our computer-waste recycling services.

Property containing sensitive data

SWAP is NOT responsible for records disposal/destruction, including paper and electronic records on data-capturing devices such as computers, servers, and copiers. All data-capturing devices received by SWAP are secured and sanitized or sent to a secured off-site facility for physical destruction. However, this should be seen as a redundancy-measure only and the responsibility for the data sanitization rests solely on the department.

For the pick-up and physical destruction of individual hard drives containing sensitive data, the Department of Administration’s Recycling of Electronic Waste Services contract is available to UW–Madison departments. Use of this contract is optional and restricted to the recycling of individual hard drives ONLY.  All other computer components must be declared as surplus and offered to SWAP via the Surplus Request Form.

The State Record Center is available to UW–Madison departments for the destruction of CDs, microfilm, VHS tapes, data cartridges, X-rays & negatives, floppy discs, and optical discs.  This type of media is referred to as Mixed Media, which SWAP can accept in small quantities. Contact SWAP with any questions.