Surplus Exchange Information

Use Restrictions

Requests can only be made by individuals with authority to make decisions on behalf of a department and use the department’s MD account for purchases.

The item(s) must be acquired for the department’s programmatic-use and all University surplus property disposal rules must be followed when the property is no longer needed.  Acquired property cannot be sold or donated to entities outside UW-Madison without authorization from Purchasing Services.  Acquiring property through this program for personal use is strictly prohibited.


The non-refundable fees to acquire each item are listed and will be charged to the MD account number recorded on the Request Form.  Revenue is retained by SWAP for the purposes of maintaining and expanding the program.

Pick-up / Delivery

Pick-Up: All items acquired through this program must be picked up within 5 business days unless other arrangements are made with SWAP staff.

Delivery: Delivery services are restricted to large items delivered to buildings with a loading dock.  An additional service fee of $75 per hour (one-hour minimum) will be applied to the MD account number after the delivery is completed.  If you have questions about whether your building’s loading dock or receiving area is suitable for large-item delivery, contact SWAP at

Warranty & Return Policy

All items are offered AS-IS.  Unless otherwise noted in the description, all items should be considered untested and functionality is not guaranteed.  We strongly advise that all property is inspected PRIOR to submitting an Acquisition Request Form.  For items located at SWAP, visit us at 1061 Thousand Oaks Trail, Verona, Monday through Friday 8:00am-4:00pm.  For items located on campus, contact the department to discuss viewing/testing options.

All property acquired through this program become the department’s responsibility once pick-up or delivery occurs.  Since the Handling & Listing Fee is a service fee and services were provided, there are no reimbursements of the fee if the item is returned.  Departments can submit a Surplus Request Form on the SWAP website to request pick-up of items that are no longer needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who can submit a request to claim an item?

Requests can only be made by individuals with authority to make decisions on behalf of a department and permission to use the department’s MD account for purchases.